OneDrive Tips and Best Practices


OneDrive is a very useful utility that can be used for running your business more efficiently and successfully. It is a service that offers numerous convenient options that will help you bring your productivity to a whole new level. It might sound like a standard file sharing platform at first, such as Dropbox, but it quite different once you actually create your account and start going through all it has to offer.

Of course, there are some interesting One Drive tips you should know if you plan to use it for the first time. OneDrive features a clean design which we love so you will quickly learn how to navigate through it without getting lost. These tricks will be very beneficial to you, especially if you run your own business without the outside help. So let’s dive in and see the most useful OneDrive tricks you can start using today.

1. Storage Space Management

If you tend to use OneDrive often, you have to manage your storage space properly. There are two ways to do so. You can either see how much free space you have left once you log into your account and access it via browser or check it through the OneDrive application if you have one.

Checking the storage through the app is quick and all you need to do is right click the tray icon. Then select Manage storage option. On the other hand, the web version is slightly more visual and you will see a bar that indicates how much free space you have left on your account.

2. Syncing Office Files

Office users will be thrilled to discover that you can save all of your files directly to OneDrive, without the additional steps that might waste your valuable time. So if you own Microsoft Office, you have probably already used your login information in order to connect it to OneDrive. Keep in mind that your Office version should be 2013 or newer.

So the next time you create a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file and you want to save it to OneDrive for easy access, go to File and then click Save. You will notice the OneDrive option and once you click on it, simply select the folder on your OneDrive account.


3. On the Move

Nowadays every single computer application has a mobile version as well. They might not have all the options that are available to you on the OneDrive website, but you will still be able to access your files while you are out of your office. OneDrive mobile app can be installed on an iPhone, Android, or Windows phone.

They also have some extra features such as locking the application with iOS touch identification so you will be the only person who can view your OneDrive. Android will allow you to create quick access points on your screen by placing a shortcut to a file you might need in a given moment.

Of course, you can grant access to only a couple of your co-workers if you want so make sure you select the right privacy settings. Your co-workers can also upload their own photos if you give them the permission. (source)


4. UpSafe Backup

UpSafe Office 365 Backup is a perfect tool to backup and restore your OneDrive data with 256-bit AES encryption

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