OneDrive Security for SMBs

Here are some OneDrive tips, SMBs might find useful:

1. Security

Managing security is a top priority independent of where your systems are located. SharePoint is a poster child for what can go wrong when giving customers what they ask for. In concept, SharePoint objects inherit their security from their parents. This works well until inheritance is broken. I can probably write a separate article on this but for our purposes let’s just say that having a good grasp of your broken permission inheritance is a good place to start.

With OneDrive, customers now have an authorized way for their employees to share content with internal and external partners. This capability is not without security risks (more about this later) so a comprehensive inventory of who is sharing what with whom is a must.

2. Transferring Permission

On the heels of analyzing and understanding existing permissioning, admins have the responsibility to manage them as a daily activity. However, one aspect of that task is often ignored. If you’ve ever administered Exchange, I am sure you have had the responsibility of forwarding a mailbox when an employee leaves a company. With SharePoint and OneDrive, content belonging to this employee is usually left unaltered, resulting in orphaned permissions and objects. As with email boxes, good practice for administrators is to put together a procedure to transfer these to someone else.

3. Monitoring Use

One of the biggest complaints by SharePoint administrators and users alike is how quickly Sites can become overwhelmed with irrelevant content. While the creation of Sites always starts with the best intentions (e.g. collaborate on a project, store documents for corporate department or to share information with a specific audience), there is a tendency to start dumping data until it becomes virtually unusable.

Administrators should also have insight into what type of content is being stored. With Microsoft’s recent announcement of 1 TB of storage for each OneDrive for Business user, space is less of an issue than for SharePoint sites. Nevertheless, it should not become the primary backup and sharing location for personal pictures and videos. Keeping an eye on content growth and distribution can prevent some uncomfortable conversations down the road. (source)

4. Backup

UpSafe Office 365 backup helps you apply an additional level of security to your most valuable OneDrive data, as well as extend the 30 day retention to forever!

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