OneDrive for Small Business

Work Offline with the OneDrive for Business Sync Tool

The cloud enables users to work from anywhere, on any device, at any time. But sometimes, you just don’t have internet access. OneDrive for Business offers a tool that helps you get around your Wi-Fi troubles and allows you to work offline.

In order to work without internet access, you first need to download the OneDrive for Business sync app. You’ll then need to sign into Office 365 where you can navigate to OneDrive, find the library you wish to access offline, then press sync.

You can sync up to 20,000 files and folders in your OneDrive for Business library.

Note: If for some reason you have low bandwidth or accidentally began syncing your OneDrive for Business, you can easily pause or stop your OneDrive for Business from syncing.


You get through a project much faster when your team all views the same document version. OneDrive for Business integrates with Word, Excel and other applications for streamlined collaboration. You see changes to the document in real-time through the co-authoring feature, as well as a color indicator displaying where your coworkers made changes.

Use OneDrive for Business on Your Mobile Device

If your organization uses OneDrive for Business, you can access it on the move through Apple, Android, and Windows Phone devices.

These apps are designed for on-the-go working, so they obviously aren’t as powerful as their web-based or desktop counterparts, but they do come with some inherent capabilities that are unique to their form factor.

With Android devices, you can pin folders to your home screen for quick access to commonly used documents. To do so, after downloading the OneDrive app on an Android device, tap and hold on a blank space of the home screen, then select OneDrive.

From there, you’ll be prompted to select a folder that you can then pin to your home screen for easy access. (source)

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