Office 365 ProPlus for deploying Office365


You have finally made your mind to move all your local data to the cloud Office 365 has become your choice. That is great. But how can you quickly solve this question and deploy Office 365 to all the computers in your organization? How to set up Office 365 online archiving options in case you run out of space?

There are two way how you can deploy Office 365 depending on the size of your company.

Deploying Office 365 in your company

If you are an IT guy in a small company (no more than 15-20 computers) you can install Office suite on each of the users’ machines manually or let them do it themselves directly from the Office 365 portal.

If there are more users and you want to gain more control over the software then you can download the Office 365 ProPlus to your on-premises network and then deploy it to all the users from there.

What level of the control do you gain if you choose the second way? You can control the following options:

  • Which particular Office programs are set up.
  • Where on the network Office is mounted from.
  • Office 365 updates.
  • The computers where Office 365 ProPlus is installed.
  • The available set of languages.

No matter what way you choose you can now allow the workers have access to their data even if there is no Internet connection.

If you want to deploy Office 365 ProPlus from a local network share you should use Office Deployment tool. To be able to deploy everything seamlessly you will need to create a configuration XML file that sets up the rules for Office 365 deployment: which languages to set up, which programs to download, specify display options, etc.

Office 365 online archiving

Office365 is an excellent tool for collaboration and storing you corporate documents in the cloud. The issue you may come across concerns the lack of space. If you reach the limit that Offcie 365 provides you with you will not be able to continue working normally. You will either have to delete some files or you can perform Office 365 online archiving to prevent the data loss.

The online apps like Upsafe will help you to do this automatically. Just sign up for Upsafe Office 365 online archiving using your corporate Office 365 account and enjoy this tool’s capabilities.