Office 365 Outlook email security


If you use Office 365 online in your daily work then Web email Outlook must make up a significant part of your routine actions. So if your email service goes down it literally becomes a disaster. That’s why your Outlook becomes the most preferred target for hackers and that’s why Outlook security is the highest priority task for administrators.

In this article I am going to list the rules every IT admin should teach his users regarding Outlook email security.

Don’t use the email content from strangers

The most vulnerable thing about email addresses is that anyone can send anything to anyone even if they don’t know who stands behind this or that address.

Imagine that a villain finds out an Outlook email address of anybody from your company. Usually the IT administrators create corporate email addresses for the users that sound like They may use only the first letter for any of the names, but still it does not change anything. Once a hacker finds the logic of your company’s email structure and the list of the workers your Outlook mailbox is doomed. You will regularly receive emails with harmful content.

And the worst thing you can do in this case is to use this content. If you open the suspicious email, download the attachments or click on the links the hacker will know that this is a real email and he will now have a key to get into your IT infrastructure.

Don’t open attachments if you haven’t scanned them

Even if an email is sent to you from a person you know and trust it would never hurt to scan the email attachment with antivirus.

Hackers know some tricks to make emails look as if they were sent from someone else’s address. Or they might have broken onto your colleague’s account who was not as cautious as you.

Anyway, if you get some files attached to the email always scan them and check if there are any viruses.

Always backup your Outlook mailbox

If a hacker has found a way to get into your workspace most like he will just delete your emails. No matter how he got there he will do that, and you will lose your data. No email service is perfect and there is always a place for a human error. That’s why do not delude  yourself and think that you are 100% secure with MS Outlook online.

The best way to make your email secure is to backup Outlook with applications like Upsafe. If you have reserve copies of your mailbox you can never be afraid of hackers and other villains.