Office 365 Backup Malfunction Resolved!

office 365 backup repairs


As UpSafe Office 365 backup users might have noticed, the latest Office 365 API update caused troubles for applications using it.

This update has put UpSafe Office 365 backup as well as solutions released by our competitors, out of order with the following error: “An ExchangeImpersonation SOAP header must contain a user principal name, user SID, or primary SMTP address.”

Inaccessibility of mailboxes made our clients’ corporate mail backup inaccessible – EWS library was not operating properly. Now when I’m posting this article EWS library has not yet been fixed.

Our team showed lightning-speed reaction to the threat to our clients’ mailbox security by solving the issue within the same working day.

We know how important corporate Office 365 backup is for our clients – small businesses who seek to secure their data with us.

Others, who might still be looking for the solution: we know what to do! Just add X-AnchorMailbox hidder to HTTP header within your API requests.

Working to secure your Office 365 data.

UpSafe team