Office 365 data location limitation


Office 365 is a robust and secure solution for any business. The advantages of storing your data in the cloud are becoming more obvious and more companies move to the cloud every year. Still there are some data location limitations that you should be aware about before you decide to migrate to Office365.

Microsoft keeps Office 365 clients’ data in a number of different countries basing on the location of the client. Furthermore, Microsoft can move clients’ data without notice and will not say for sure where precisely a client’s information will be kept. For example:

  • Government clients in the US: data and backup centers for Office 365 are placed in the United States.
  • North American clients: primary data centers are placed in the United States.
  • Most European, African and Middle East clients: primary data centers are in Ireland and the Netherlands.
  • Asia Pacific clients: the primary data centers for Office 365 data are located in Singapore and Hong Kong. The data center in Ireland is used for Active Directory and Global Address Book data.
  • South American clients: primary data centers are located in the United States.

As you can see there Office 365 has created many data centers all around the world but it still does not cover all the countries. So if you have decided to move your data to Office365, make sure first that there is an O365 data center in your region. Otherwise you will be prompted to use something else to be law obedient.

If everything is fine with the data center and you have decided to move all your corporate data to Microsoft make sure that you regularly back up Office 365 in order to prevent your data from unexpected losses.