Cloud Apps Backup special offers, Microsoft 365 Non-Profit Cloud Backup.

 $2 Non-Binding offer for all non-profit organizations and educational institutions

OneDrive        +
Outlook        +
Calendar/Contacts        +
Sharepoint        +
Sharepoint pricing $10/350GB
One-click-restore        +
2-step verification        +
256 AES encryption        +
User permission management        +
On-demand backup        +
Select data storage location        +
Unlimited Storage        +
Automated backup on schedule        +
Full and granular backup        +
Full and granular recovery        +
Archiving        +


 Many people and organizations work hard to improve people’s lives and their access to culture, education and medical healthcare. Or to fight against ecological issues. At Cloud Apps Backup, we believe that it is our role, to contribute without pretense, helping these organizations in our own way. Preserving their data from errors or external threats. For all these reasons we offer a 30% discount to all Non-Profit & Education Inst. who wish to ensure their critical data.

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