New whitepaper: 7 cases when your GAPPs data may be at risk

Why should a user care about his Google apps safety?
We all are used to think of Google to be safe and stable. And in fact it is really like this. The security standards supported by Google are the highest.
But there is no insurance that a user will never delete the files he needs himself or set up a third-party application and give it an access to his private place.
A hacker may break into your account and delete some important information.
A third-party application may do likewise.
In this guide, we will speak about 7 most common situations where your GoogleApps data may be lost and give you instructions what to do in order to avoid them.
Here’s a small advice you can find in our Book.

The data was overwritten during collaboration

See revision history for a file of the GoogleDrive. Select a document, click the right button and choose Revisions. You may restore any revision you need within the last 30 days.

You fire an employee and he takes his revenge by deleting all his data in the GoogleApps.

Just change his password before you tell him the news, block his account and after that delegate the access to his data to another worker.

Hackers broke into your employee’s account.

Check the security options of your users’ passwords at You can set minimum and maximum size of the password. Also you can set up 2-step verification which requires not only the password but also some additional security information that you receive to your mobile phone.

Google Takeout

Insist that your employees use GoogleTakeout. It is an app which allows you to export your GoogleApps data manually.
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