New Audit Log Feature!

We are constantly working to improve our services.

We think this is super important, especially in cases like this one, when we actually decided to implement a specific function due to request from our customer.


So, a few words about audit log feature and why it’s so important: it’s all about the levels of access. You see, normally  it’s the system administrator or IT engineer who runs our software on customer side.

Now, imagine that you own a company: would you like your system administrator to know the contents of your emails, especially those with financial data?

To avoid this we implemented RBAC logics (role-based security), letting business owner appoint specific admins with restricted right.


Although, we kept on getting requests from our clients, and now we proudly present Audit Log – a brand new feature that lets you see all the actions taken by admins and individual users, such as, say, backups to third-party emails.


Now the system is safe not only from outside threats but also from inside human factor.


Working for your security.


UpSafe team