Navigate your Google contacts


How many contacts do you have in your Google contacts list? How long does it usually take you to find an email address of the person you need? 10 seconds? 1 minute? When you are working with information using cloud technologies every second may be very valuable. Time is money, right? If youi delete a contact in Gmail do you use any Gmail contacts backup tool to be able to restore them?

So here are some useful tips for you how to find the Google contacts you need much faster and how to perform contacts backup to be always able to have access to them.

Search Google contacts by a person’s first or last name

Type the name or the surname of a person you need into the search field.


Search Google contacts by the first letter

Use the first letter of a person’s name or surname.


New matching results will appear as you type

Having many people with matching names in your contact list? Just type a combination of letters and see the results.


Search Google contacts by the domain name

If you know the domain name of the organisation or if the person you need uses traditional Gmail account (@gmail).


Gmail Contacts backup tool

If you delete any contact in Gmail you will be able to restore it within 30 days. This is the limitation provided by Google native tools. If you deleted a contact more than 30 days ago you will just lose it.

To enhance your corporate Google contacts security perform regular Gmail contacts backup with Upsafe. Sign up with your corporate Gmail account and enjoy the free 30-days trial.