Migrating to Google Team Drives: Best Practices

migrating team drives

Part I reviewed Google Team Drives in general, their functionalities and how they can be of use for enterprises, seeking to empower the collaboration opportunities of their employees. We enlisted some vital tips to keep in mind while planning the migration to Google Team Drives.

Part II which you are reading now goes deeper into the process of migration – choosing those responsible for migration and practices to be used, as well as the importance of making backups before and after the migration.

Choosing the best techniques

The answer to the question how to migrate your files and folders might seem obvious yet there are many options that can be used in process.

If an enterprise is already using My Drive for keeping their specialists’ data, normally the transition to Team Drives is a process coordinated with employees. Although it might be a good idea to appoint specific IT professionals to perform this process in a more professional and therefore secure fashion.

Since Google absorbed AppBridge it has become much easier to perform the data migration, skipping numerous steps that had had to be done manually before, including:

  • Mapping – enterprises can map metadata, folder hierarchy, Team Drives permissions, and users to the new Google Team Drive environment using customizable templates.

  • Migration – AppBridge is capable of scalably migrating a lot of data. It’s incremental migration functionality minimizes the downtime.
  • Encryption happens simultaneously
  • Transformation – enterprises can use the migration process to re-arrange their data

This set of functions of AppBridge ensures the maximum speed of migration as well as the accessibility of data migrated during the entire process.


Backup Google Team Drives data

Even following the best practices, migration is a risky and complex process to handle, which means that backing up your data both before and after the migration is essential.

UpSafe G Suite backup is designed to keep your team drives, my drive, contacts, calendars and emails safe. Our service is a must-have for those planning the migration.

We’re working for your safety.

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