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At its core, OneDrive is a file hosting service like Dropbox or Google Drive. It helps people, no matter where they are, share and work together on files. While standard OneDrive is designed for personal use, OneDrive for Business is based on SharePoint and is meant for storing business documents and files. The business version of the platform offers more goodies than the personal. For instance, you get Office 365 business apps, a higher level of security, and access through the mobile apps.

Over time, Microsoft has improved OneDrive and added more functionalities. For years, OneDrive was available only in SharePoint Online, but now you can also share your files in a cloud using SharePoint Server. Why is this a huge improvement? Some businesses may restrict saving company data to the cloud, so OneDrive for SharePoint on-premises is an extremely useful functionality.
In the past, the OneDrive experience on Mac devices differed from the experience on Windows-operated devices. But, this year, Microsoft decided to change that and create a unified experience across devices. As of April 2018 Microsoft has included the Drive sync client as a part of the Office 2016 Click-to-Run Installer. That means that if you install Office on your Mac, you’ll get OneDrive too. This new update delivers several improvements:

Office for Mac will open your synced files locally instead of downloading a new copy, so your files will open much more quickly.
Updates made to your documents will now sync only the changes (differential sync) rather than the full file. This will save you time and bandwidth.
Files synced onto a local machine can be shared with the same user experience found on all OneDrive and SharePoint endpoints.
During a SharePoint Conference North America, Microsoft announced a set of improvements to Drive functionalities. The change that many were most eagerly awaiting was Known Folder Move (KFM). This feature allows users to move local folders from a PC to OneDrive. The preview version of the feature was rolled out at the end of June, and a fully functional version has been planned for the end of July.

Known folders help users organize their most important files and access them across various applications. KFM allows you to move your docs, desktop, and pictures into OneDrive. Once your IT people set up KFM, you don’t have to worry about syncing your files – they are automatically synced without disruption to productivity. (source)

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