Microsoft Office 365 for business privacy


Office 365 for business is no doubt the leader of IT industry privacy in the modern world. The company strives to protect their users from all the outside dangers imaginable.

No Advertising

Office365 does not collect the users’ data to show them the advertisements according to their interests. They do not scan your private emails or documents. There are no advertisements at all in Office365 interface.

No mash

Office365 keeps their clients data apart from consumer services such as Live. Office 365 online use different systems that stand aside from consumer systems.

Data transportability

You can export your data from Office 365 to any other service at any time. You as an Office 365 client own your information and have all your rights for it despite that it is stored with O365. You can download the full copy of your files and folders to your on-premises devices whenever you need it. Even if your account has expired Microsoft gives you limited access to your data for 90 days more.

Data limits

The client’s core information cannot be accessed by MS admins if only they do not request it for troubleshooting. If a client writes to support for advice the administrators do not need to enter a user’s account in most cases. The client’s account information only can be accessed for purchasing and billing issues.

Administrators’ access

Access to a client’s data is controlled by Microsoft precisely. MS admins get access to their customers’ data only in rare exceptions when the client really needs their intervention for solving the problems. Neither do the MS partners have access to your cloud data.

MS Data Centers

Microsoft does not hide the location of their data centers. Microsoft Office has about 100 data centers all around the world.

As you can see, Microsoft really cares for its clients’ data safety. No hacker will ever get access to your account unless you give him the keys yourself. So you’d better regularly backup your Office 365 data to the cloud with other applications so as to be able to restore it at any time.