How to use Google Docs offline?


Google Docs is a great alternative to MS Office. You can reach it anytime anywhere. The only thing you need is the Internet connection.

But what can you do if for some reasons you are out of the World Wide Web? You must think that Google Drive is totally useless under such circumstances. In this article I am going to show that you are wrong.

I will give you some Google Docs tutorial and teach you how to take this whole machine offline. I will explain how to syncronise your Google Docs with your computer and give you some tips how to backup Google files to guarantee their safety.

Taking Google documents offline

The first thing you need to know that such a trick may be played only with Chrome browser. Also make sure that you have the latest version installed (at About Chrome). As a rule it is updated automatically, but it is never hurts to check, just in case.


Go to, click to the gear icon in the right top corner and choose the option to install it on your computer.

Activate your docs offline

First you need to install Google Drive Chrome app.

Then you need to syncronise it with your computer. Click Enable Offline button to activate the offline feature. If you have lits of files in your Google Drive then it may take up to several minutes to syncronise all of them. When the process is completed you will see all your files on your computer.

Create and edit Google documents offline

Now that you have activated your account offline you may edit the existing files and create new ones offline in the very same way you do it online. All the changes will be synced automatically when you go online again.

You can indicate whether a file has been synced or not by the style of its name typed. The syncronised files have their names displayed in normal type. Also the name of the folder they are stored in is placed alongside. Those that have not been synced are displayed bold.


The simplest way to work with Google Docs offline

If you do not want to bother about all these tech issues such as installation and synchronisation you may simply download the file to your computer, edit it with MS Office or any other tool that works with documents, and then drag-and-drop it back.


The last step: don’t forget to backup your Google files

Of course, Google provides you with the most safe and stable service imaginable, but still you files may be deleted because of the human factor. So to be 100% sure of your data safety always have a reserve copy.

The best way to regularly back up your files is to use some side programs designed for this purpose. UpSafe free Google Apps backup is one of them.