How to start working with Office 365


Companies always search for possibilities to be more productive and to spend less money on operational actions. And most of all they want to increase their information security. You can reach all these goals with Office 365 which gives you the range of tools for work plus email, chats, online conferences, strong collaboration features and ability to store your documents both online and offline. Office 365 is an undeniable leader of the IT market.

In this article we will review the basic things you need to get done in order to start implementing Office365 tools into your daily life.

The basic things you need to know before you set up Office 365

If it is the first time your organization ever starts working with MS, you should purchase some Office 365 licenses for your employees. Office offers you different plans with different set of features. You can choose any plan according to your needs: full installed Office applications, corporate social network for Office collaboration and different levels of compliance. Each plan is designed for a specific type of business or individual users.

The major question you can come up with is whether you would be able to upgrade your Office365 licenses later. E.g. you have less than 300 employees in your organization now and Office 365 Business Premium is fine for you. But you expect this number to grow in a couple of months or years and you will need extended features like extra Office 365 safety. Microsoft will give you all the help you need to do this.

How to pay for the Office 365 plan you have selected

When you at last make up your mind on which plan to choose you as an Office365 admin will need to place an order and purchase the needed licenses. Additionally you will have to create a new Microdoft ID (if you do not have one yet) and associate it with your account.

Follow these easy steps to sign up to Office 365:

  • Put in your contacts
  • set up a new ID or put in your existing ID
  • make the order
  • pay for the order

After the payment is complete you will receive a welcome email from Office365. If you made the purchase using your own email your profile will be put together with your company’s account and you will receive another email with your User ID and a temporary password.

As soon as these steps are complete you can get started!

Never forget about your users’ security and do regular backups of your Office 365 to make sure your cloud data is safe.