How to share documents in Office365


Like in Google Drive you can share any document in Office 365 with your collaborators or with people out of your organization. But the office 365 collaboration tools are absolutely different to the ones you got used to in Google. In this article we will discover office 365 document collaboration options.

In order to share Office 365 documents online go to OneDrive Sharepoint location.

Select the document you want to share online with other people.


In Google Drive you can select many files at once and set up sharing options for all of them at once.

In Office 365 you can share only one document at a time. If you select 2 documents or more the “Share” button will become inactive.


The first way of sharing a document online is to invite people using their email addresses. If you invite people out of your organization you can dismiss the “Require sign-in” option for them. Also to these people an email invitation is sent by default, you cannot uncheck it. Also you can let people view or edit your document.


The second way is to create a sharing link for your Office365 document. When you create such a link in GoogleDocs you can let people from the outside edit, view or comment the document. The commenting option is unavailable with Office. You can only let other people view or edit.


At last you can see all the people the Office365 document is shared with on the 3rd tab.


As you can see now the sharing options in Office are much alike with those for Google Docs except for the differences I have described above. So keep them in mind when you set up Office 365 collaboration options.

But be careful with sharing your files as people from the outside can easily delete the information you need. Make sure that you back up your Office365 data with 3rd-party applications like Upsafe free Office365 backup tool.