How to protect your Office 365 data from outsiders


We are all used to think of the Office365 as of the most safe way to store your data. Well, it is true to some extent. But there are some troubles that the cloud cannot protect you from unless you take precautions.

Your cloud security can be compromised if a villain gets an access to your Office 365 account and deletes the information he finds there. He can get into your account in two different ways.

The first one is performed by hackers’ attack. The bigger is the company, the bigger is its influence in the market and the bigger is the chance that some of you competitors may not like it. So get ready to deal with multiple attacks.

The second way can be allowed by your employees. If they are not cautious enough they may intentionally or accidentally spare your company’s private data with the outside world and who knows whose ears will be too eager for this information. They may also share their own accounts with their acquaintances who by chance may be our enemies’ spies.

As for the hacker’s attacks, Office 365 has been really reliable up until now. But as for the second threat there is no automated defence from such a thing yet.

No matter how the villain breaks into your account you will lose your data. The data damage may be small or huge, the question how much access the villain will get.

The only way to protect your O365 data from such threats is to train your staff. Set up staff meetings at least once a month and remind them about safety importance. Set up the rules of creating strong passwords and not sharing this info with the outsiders.

Another way would work better but it requires implementing some third-party applications for regular backups. You can implement apps like Upsafe free Office 365 backup into your daily life and this may really save your nerves. No matter how major are the data losses you will always be able to restore the information using this tool.