How to insert video into Google slides presentation

If you use Google Apps as a cloud platform in your organization you should already be familiar with different Google slides tips that can make your life so much easier. However if you share your presentation with your colleagues they can accidentally delete the information that you need. so when you collaborate on a project you should always take care about security of Google Docs. In today’s article I am going to  tell you how to insert video into Google slides presentation and how to enhance your security in Google Docs.

There are 2 ways to insert video into Google Slides.

Insert video from YouTube

If you want to insert a video from YouTube there is no issue with this task as Google Apps are totally comfortable with this video service. First of all open the line where you want to add this video to. Then click “insert” and select “video”.


In the pop-up window you can search for a video on YouTube. Or alternatively if you already have the link that you want to insert you can simply switch to the URL tab and paste it there.


Once the video is on that slide you can adjust its side and delete the link to YouTube so as to avoid unnecessary questions from your audience.

But what can you do if the video that you want to insert is not located on YouTube? For example,  when you prepare a presentation for internal use and you do not want to share your company’s video publicly on the Internet.

Insert video from other services

  1. Open the video that you want to insert and take that screenshot of it.
  2. Then go to your Google slides and insert this image where you want to place the video.
  3. Then select the image and click Insert – link. Paste the link to that video.
  4. Now when you are on the presentation you will be able to click on the screenshot and it will transfer you to the video that you need, no matter where it is located.

Security of Google Docs

When you work together with your colleagues on the same presentation you give them specific right to edit the contents. Collaboration is great, but it was additional risks, as the people you share your files with may delete the data that you need without informing you.

You can enhance the security of Google Docs by keeping the reserve copy of your presentations in another cloud. Upsafe will allow you to do this automatically. Upsafe  I love you too back up not only your presentations but your whole Google Drive, Gmail, Contacts and calendar. Sign up using your Google Apps account and never ever lose your data again.