How to enhance Microsoft Office 365 security


The cloud technology has made coworking so much easier. But it has also increased the chances of data loss.

Office 365 in the cloud is a really great opportunity to make your collaboration with other employees in your company much more convenient. But you should always remember about your Office 365 security and take precautions to increase your data protection. And note that it is not the protection against hackers I am talking about. So far Microsoft has done a great job and its products are really safe. It is the protection against your own users errors I want to warn you against.

The user error can occur in 2 different ways.

Accidental deletion of data

The Office 365 interface is not always straightforward enough to reduce the user’s errors. A person can delete an email or a file by chance.

The core misunderstanding of the Office 365 can lead to disastrous business data losses.

To minimize this type of risk you should give your employees regular classes on how to manage their cloud data and always remind them about security in the cloud. Moreover you can share written instructions with them. Make sure the instructions are clear enough and contain all the necessary screenshots and steps.

Intentional deletion of data

The other way you can lose your cloud data is when it is deleted intentionally. Here’s a simple case: you work with your colleagues on a project for quite a long time. Earlier or later you finish this project, and one of your employees may decide that the data is no longer needed. And he deletes it just to find out in a couple of weeks or months how vital it was.

Microsoft cannot protect the user from himself. The user commands to delete a file, the system obeys, that’s it.

To protect your data against such threats regular instructions can help too but not really much. People will always remain people, they forget things and make mistakes.

Cloud data security

The best way to protect your cloud data is to make regular backups of your Office365 with third-party applications like Upsafe free Office 365 backup tool.

Try it for free and write in the comments how our app has helped you to save money for restoring your Office 365 data.