How to create custom Gmail themes


You can set up your own customizable design for majority of social resources. Gmail has not become an exclusion on this point. Gmail offers its users a wonderful feature to customize your inbox background and set up your own custom Gmail themes. It may help you to bring more colors into your life and make everything brighter.

We have already taken a look at how to customize your Google Docs background. Now’s the time to do the same for your emails as well.

So here are the instructions on how to create your own custom Gmail themes.

Click the Gear icon in the top right corner and select Themes:


The Theme settings will open. And here comes the full freedom.

You can choose any theme predefined by Google itself.

You can either simply change the background color:


Or set up a predefined image (these are called HD Gmail themes):


Or you can create your own theme and download your own photo or just paste its URL:



After you have chosen the image click “Select” – and that’s it. Now you can enjoy your own personalized Gmail theme and see your favourite images in the background every day.

No matter how much personalized your Google email is you should always remember about its safety. Make sure that you regularly back up your Gmail account with applications like Upsafe free Gmail backup.