How to access your Google Calendar offline


You can only make use of Google Calendar when you have access to it, no matter if your Internet provider crashed temporarily or you are on a plane without Internet access. Google Chrome provides you with a smart application that allows you to get access to your Google Calendar offline. You may also find it in your browser.

  1. Click on the menu button and choose “Offline” option.


  1. In the pop-up window click “Install from Web Store” button.


  1. On the web-store page click “Add to Chrome” button. At the apps page right-click at the new calendar extension – Create a label. You will win the label at your desktop afterwards and be able to use your G Calendar even if you are offline.


Google Calendar security

Google Apps is a solid and safe machine and the chanes of Google servers crash are negligible. Still your Google Calendar events may be at risk due to the human factor. Whether you use Goolge Calendar offline or online, when you share the events with others you put your data at risk. People you work with may delete your data.

When you lose something in Google Apps, the first place you go to look for it is the trash bin. But the data is kept there only for 30 days and after that it is deleted.

To be always able to get your corporate events back backup Google Calendar with applications like Upsafe. When you have a reserve copy in another cloud your data safety in increased at least twice.