How can I add music to my Google Slides presentation


If you previously used on-premises MS Powerpoint and you have moved to Google Slides you might miss the feature of adding different sounds to your online presentation.

There is no such function in GSlides at all for now but there are some workarounds which I am going to tell you about in this article.

Insert Youtube link

The first way to add some music to your presentation’s background is to use Youtube.

The simplest way is to insert the link to the video that contains the music you need into one of the slides. When you show your presentation to the audience you can simply open that link and leave it playing in the background while you get back to your slides and go on with the presentation.

Another way is to insert the youtube video directly into your Google slides.

Go to Insert -> Video.

Find the track that you need right in the GSlides interface or simply insert the Youtube link.


Adjust the video size in the slide. I prefer to make it small and put in somewhere in the corner. When you show your presentation to the audience you just click play for that video and the sound will be playing while you are on this specific slide.

Insert audio via online music services

Another way to insert the sounds or the songs into your Google Presentation is to use your favourite online music service and embed the code that it gives you into a simple text field.

With Google Slides you have to rely on the outside sources for music and video. And if in time the music is deleted from them you won’t be able to use it again in your presentations.

You can also lose your data if you share your online presentations with colleagues or people outside of your organization and give them full access to edit your files. If you are obliged to do it nevertheless you’d better take additional precautions and back up Google Slides with tools like Upsafe Google apps backup. Then you will be able to painlessly perform Google account restore.