HIPAA-compliant Office 365 Backup for Healthcare Organizations

office 365 backup

UpSafe Office 365 backup is a universally applicable tool for any organization that values its data, and this becomes an issue or real importance when we speak of human lives. This short article highlights three major reasons for healthcare organizations to consider using UpSafe Office 365 backup solution to protect and archive their data.



UpSafe Office 365 backup is designed to cover all the data connected to your corporate mail, which is not only emails, but also contacts, calendars, shared documents and even Sharepoint. All of the data is encrypted using 256-bit AES with unique key that only our clients have access to. The data is backed up into US-based cloud storage, so it is 100% resistant to physical data loss or crypto virus attacks.

The interface and user experience are designed for casual users so you don’t actually need to hire a specialist to run our Office 365 backup solution.



Our solution is 100% HIPAA-compliant: the data trusted to us is processed, transferred and stored in a completely unanimous way, under 256-bit AES encryption and is accessible only to respective clients.


UpSafe provides by far the most cost-effective solution on the market, combining enterprise-level functionality, quality and support with the lowest prices.

We all here are huge fans of doing good things so we provide an additional 30% discount for healthcare organizations as well as for non-profit and charity organizations.

Contact us at info@upsafe.com for more information and free trial.



UpSafe Team