Google Drive for SMB: Tips

Google Drive is an amazing tool to keep your organisation’s data easily accessible for all with the correct security restrictions, but the sharing documents part can be a little tricky to understand and manage going forward. Here are some tips on how to use Google Drive to your advantage:

  • Avoid sharing users files & folders, put users into Groups and groups to folders
  • Best to setup a new account to administer google drive e.g Also, set up a 2-step verification to protect this account.
  • If your using G Suite Basic its best to migrate all data to the master Google drive account (owner). If your using G Suite Business or G Suite Enterprise then your should take advantage of “Shared Drives” previously known as team drives.
  • When deleting users, select master Google drive account to also change the respective drive’s ownership.
  • Provide detailed instructions to staff on how Google Drive works
  • If users delete files without being the owner, then the change should only reflect for that user (in browser). The file mustn’t be deleted permanently.
  • Google Drive backup & Sync is not recommended for business use. Google File Stream is a better product or if all your apps are in the broweser then just stick with Google Chrome in the browser. (source)
  • Backup your Google Drive  – Google has only a 3 week retention period! The ultimate layer of security – even if you loose access to your accounts you can still access your data with UpSafe Cloud backup service

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