Google Apps security: how does Google protect your business data


Google can be compared with a large ship with many sections and many people inside who are responsible for the ship’s maintenance and the straight course. The ship moves smoothly along the seashore and all the hatches are batten down. It is absolutely safe and secure regarding the outside dangers. See what the Google team does in order to maintain your Google Apps data safety. And remember that however safe the ship is it is never excessive to use Google backup app to enhance your data security.

Google’s Information Security staff is involved in the following activities:

  • They consult businesses on security risks associated with a given task and real solutions to provide security at these points.
  • They review safety plans for Google’s networks, systems, and services using a thorough, multi-step process.
  • Look out for for distrustful activities on Google’s networks to quickly see, analyze, and remove information security threats
  • They work on the security design and implementation.
  • Provide employees with security training sessions especially for companies that are engaged with data security and programming.
  • Get outside security experts involved in regular security evaluation.

Google backup app

So, as you can see, your data is quite safe with Google Apps, at least it is protected from the outside threats like hackers’ attacks and server errors. But never forget about the human factor. You cannot protect your employees’ data from employees themselves. If they delete a file from Google drive they will only have 55 days to restore them.

So you should take additional care of your Google apps data security and regularly backup GApps with such applications like Upsafe.