Google Apps physical security: Google security tools


If you have chosen Google Apps as an IT platform and you worry about your corporate cloud data safety, have no fear. Google Apps is safe and solid as a rock. Your online information can hardly experience any losses due to the hackers’ attack or any other invasion due to different Google security tools.

See what Google specialists do to provide you with the most safe service imaginable.

Google’s data centers are distributed all around the world and use many different physical security features. The security technologies vary in different places depending on building location or the level of regional risks.

The standard physical security at each Google data center is supported by well-known technologies and follow general industry rules. These are custom designed electronic card access control systems, alarms, interior and exterior cameras, and security guards.

The areas where systems are stored are separated from the main office and public halls. The cameras and alarms for each of these rooms are centrally monitored by professional guards for suspicious activity. The cameras that Google uses have high resolution. Also Google uses video analytics and other systems to discover and track intruders. All the camera recordings are kept for later review. When necessary Google also enhances the security controls by thermal imaging cameras, perimeter fences and biometrics.

Only authorized Google employees and approved visitors have access to the data center itself. The specific procedures are set for visitors checking. These visitors have to get Google managers’ approvement before receiving a pass-card.

Physical access to Google data centers is restricted according to a role, not position. That’s why not even senior executives can freely enter the secret rooms.

Your data is 100% safe with Google Apps, but still you may lose your data due to the user mistake. So make sure that you have enhanced your corporate cloud security and regularly back up Google apps with applications like Upsafe.