Google Apps for business: the ultimate solution


Google apps is the best SaaS solution for businesses. It is safe and stable, it is web-based and allows you to access your data from any place. With Google Apps you don’t have to buy any hardware which can significantly cut your costs. Here is the list of main services that you can use for your business purposes in Google Apps. See how easy it would be for your business to move your corporate data to the cloud. Also check how Google restore apps feature works.


Google email service has advanced spam-filters that protect you from unwanted emails. With Gmail you get 25 Gb of storage per user, fast message search, voice and video chat with Hangouts and other productivity tools like Gmail canned responses, Gmail priority index and many others.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is designed for organizing your schedule and share your GCalendar events with your colleagues. You can grant different level of access to people within and out of your company.

You can access Google Calendar from any web browser and all major mobile platforms, and you can view it from Microsoft Outlook.

Google Docs

Google Docs gives you possibility for multi-person, real-time collaboration for documents, tables, presentations, sites and drawings. You can work more efficiently with your colleagues and avoid version-control issues. You can export and import files to Google Docs from all common file formats. You can set up granular file permissions to control who can view or edit your private information.

Google Docs can be accessed from any web browser and on most of mobile devices.

Google Sites

Google Sites allows users to create and share their own websites. You don’t have to be a technical person and have any programming skills for that.

Just like other Google Apps, Google Sites is available from any web browser.

Google Groups

Google Groups provides you with administrator- and user-managed distribution email lists and discussion groups. Each group has a searchable archive for easy and safe access to important data in past discussions.

So these are the main Google applications available for business. The most important business issue is the data safety, so make sure that you regularly back up your Google Apps with third-party applications like Upsafe.