How to archive Gmail and then recover


If you archive Gmail, it is a good way to keep your Gmail inbox in order. You can send the messages that you do not need anymore to the archive instead of deleting and be sure that they will be still accessible in case of emergency. (Remember that emails are deleted from the Gmail trash folder in 30 days after deletion).

You can archive your emails in different ways. You do that directly from the inbox or use some specific tips for archiving your Gmail. But how can you get these emails back? Don’t worry, it is possible, just as I have told you in the other article. See the instructions below.

There are several ways to get your emails back to the Gmail inbox from the archive.

The first way is the simplest to do: it’s just the search field. If you remember the topic, or the name of the recipient, or the words you used in your email you can simply type this information in the search field and find what you need:


The problem is that we do not always remember that, especially if the email was sent long time ago.

The second way is to go to the “All” mail. Click this link in the left column and you will see all the emails there including the archived ones:


But this way is far from perfect, too, as you will see ALL the emails in a terrible mess and you will have to look through them all to find what you need, which is not really good.

The third way is the best in my opinion because it allows you to minimize your time for searching. At first you need to create a special label for archived messages.

To do this send an email to archive, then go to All emails, select this email and set up the “archived” label to it:


Now you can see this “archived” folder on your left and you can significantly narrow your search:


Do not forget that archiving does not delete your emails forever, but still it does not protect you from losing your data. To make sure that all your emails will always be accessible you should regularly backup your Google account as Upsafe.