Backup: Having All Set for GDPR


There’s no doubt that keeping a backup of your company’s data is crucial. Physical storage devices are not reliable and therefore, have failed to natural selection. Local storage is vulnerable to physical influences, such as energy supply, natural disasters and of course human factor. Nowadays if we speak of storage, cloud is a thing and it is no surprise that the most efficient and safe way to keep your data is backing it up into the cloud.

Now, when the new game-changing GDPR regulation has come into force, is the best time to look at the option of backing up your data into a cloud if you haven’t done this before.

As a backup company we’re here to solve the paramount problem for any company falling under the regulation – making sure the data does not disappear permanently. Even with your G Suite or Office 365  you can’t be 100% sure: human factor and possible loss of access form a major threat of GDPR breach.

UpSafe offers a complex backup solution keeping your emails, contacts, calendars and shared documents safe, ensuring your GDPR compliance even in the worst case scenario.


UpSafe Team