G Suite Data Recovery

g suite data recovery

Imagine your worst nightmare has come true: all shields are down, and someone has managed to access your G Suite domain, removed or corrupted the most critical data. Let’s look at some built-in and third-party options that will help you perform a full-scale G Suite data recovery.

All of the principal G Suite elements, including Gmail, Contacts, Drive and Calendar have default recovery methods for such cases.

Gmail lets you restore deleted items within 30 days and then they are gone permanently. UpSafe G Suite backup lets you recover data from any point in the past since your first backup.

In Google Drive all native documents (word, spreadsheets and presentations) store versions and can be restored to any previous state. Such files can also be restored from bin. This is helpful but does not cover permanently deleted files and changed  states of non-native files. UpSafe backup functionality covers both of these significant disadvantages.

Calendar works the same way – deleted items are stored for 30 days which is nice but does not solve the issue with purposeful complete deletion, while UpSafe backup makes sure you don’t lose anything permanently.

To sum up, built-in G Suite data recovery features provide a certain chance to restore what has been lost, while UpSafe backup is a guarantee that nothing will be lost forever.

We work for your security.

UpSafe Team