G Suite Data Recovery II

g suite data recovery

Keeping data of major importance in the cloud (G Suite) has become an industry standard lately. To protect is with 100% guarantee does not look like something that can be done, given the variety of internal and external threats. In this regard it is much more important to be able to restore what has been lost in the most complete way – G Suite Data Recovery.

If a G Suite user permanently deletes their Gmail or Drive data and later wants to get it back, you may be able to retrieve it for them. As an administrator, you can restore the user’s data from the Admin console within a date range you specify. You can only restore permanently deleted items. An item is permanently deleted when the user’s Trash is emptied. After you restore an item in Drive, the user needs to re-share the item for others to have access. You have a limited time from when the data was permanently deleted to restore files and messages. After that, the data is gone forever. (source)

All in all, built-in G Suite Data Recovery lets you recover only something that had been deleted within the last 25 days and only for 10 users at a time.

UpSafe G Suite backup is not limited to any number of users or time of deletion – with our solution you can restore any file or any file version ever existent from your very first backup. This nice set of features is supplemented with full GDPR and HIPAA compliance, 256-bit AES encryption and best price on the market.

We also provide special discounts for charity and non-profit organizations.

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