G Suite Backup and Recovery Tool


Thirty two percent of the companies that are using SaaS services without G Suite backup have reported data loss. Let that sink in for a moment.

The top cause for data loss it is human error. And this becomes a scary statistic, when 16% of the documents uploaded to the cloud contain sensitive information. The human “oops moment” is followed by hacking incidents, closing accounts without regard for data, and malicious actions that lead to lost files and folders. And if it can happen to Apple co-founder Steve Wozniaki to lose data, it can happen to you.

Apps like Google Docs or Google Sheets have versioning capabilities. Once you change a document, you will be able to revert to a previously known version if something goes wrong. However, nothing can bring back a document after a disgruntled employee has removed it.


UpSafe G Suite backup is a fantastic solution, which covers all of your G Suite portions, including mail, drive, contacts, calendar and TeamDrives with top-quality security and encryption.

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