Feel the power of Google Sheets formulas: insert images


Google spread sheets is a powerful instrument for working with data online. Of course, it is not exactly the same as the desktop MS Excel application that we have got used to during many years. But still there are many things in common. Powerful formulas is one of them. In today’s article I’m going to show you how you can insert images into Google sheets via formula. And closer to the end I will say some words regarding Google Docs security concerns.

One way to insert an image is to simply go to Insert -> Image and upload it from your computer or insert a URL. But in this case the image you have selected will not be the part of Google Excel data and you would be able to move it across the document by simple drag-and-drop action.

The formula I am going to tell you about is quite simple:

=IMAGE(url, [mode], [height], [width])

As you guess the [mode] and other parts of the formula stand for the image settings.

You don’t have to use all the parts of the formula, you can only insert the URL and in this case the image size will be adjusted to the height of the cell.

You can set up the mode of the image by putting there any number between 1 and 4.

If you use 1 for the mode then the image would be scaled to fit the cell:


If you set 2 then the image will be stretched to fit the cell:


3 would set the image to its original size.


Finally 4 would allow you to customize the image size manually. The numbers you put in after the mode set up the height and the width of the image in pixels.


Google Docs security concerns

Now that you know the different ways to adjust the image to the cell and vice versa it’s time to remember the Google docs security concerns. If you collaborate with your colleagues on one project in Google apps there is a high chance that your cloud data may be erased intentionally or by accident. That’s why you should take precautions and backup Google sheets with applications like Upsafe.