Choosing SharePoint Online

Here are some reasons to choose SharePoint Online instead of the on-premises one for your business:

Easier to manage

The SharePoint on-prem version works using the web front end, database server and the application server to deliver services configured on them. This is why managing SharePoint on-prem can be quite complex. You will need to hire an IT team for server maintenance, patches and updates.

On the other hand, with SharePoint Online, there’s nothing to manage. This means you can get rid of the need to buy more hardware such as servers. This way, the IT team you already have can keep working at the top of their game.

Automatic upgrades

You must factor the expected costs that come with an upgrade when you have SharePoint on-prem. However, SharePoint Online offers automatic upgrades to its latest versions and its additions. Once you but the license, that’s it. You no longer have to worry about patches or upgrade maintenance. This way, you get to focus on the business side of things.

Content migration

You only get to move your content once with SharePoint Online. The on-prem version sets a time limit that ranges between three to five years for the needed upgrades.

In contrast, SharePoint Online does not set time limit for the period of time you get to stay till you move on to the next version. Therefore, when you move your content, you do it only once.

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