Backupify G Suite backup vs UpSafe G Suite backup?

Backupify g suite backup

Backupify G Suite backup is a world-famous solution designed to keep corporate emails and shared documents safe.

Technologically Backupify G Suite backup offers Google Mail, Drive, Calendar, Contacts, and Sites backup three times a day.

Then you ask: if the solution is decent – why look for anything else?

The answer is simple – Backupify is a world-famous brand, and you always pay for it.

Therefore we at UpSafe know how important it actually is to save each and every penny for a small or mid-sized business.

UpSafe G suite backup is the cheapest enterprise-quality solution on the market: you don’t overpay for brand and we support B2 storage – one of the most affordable storages on the market.

Start saving now with Upsafe G Suite backup.

Upsafe team