4 tips you have to know about Google Trash folder

Google trash folder

If somebody asked you where you could find the deleted files in your Google Account most likely your answer would be the trash folder. And you would be absolutely right… in a short-term run.

A user has only 30 days to recover the data from the trash folder. After that period your files will be deleted. Forever. Without any chance for restoration.

Google has recently granted additional 25 days for administrators, but still the time is limited.

So what else do you need to know about your GoogleApps data safety?

  1. You must be the owner of the file to request its restoration. So if an employee deleted a file he owned and then left the company your other workers wouldn’t be able to get access to that file without administrator’s help.
  2. If the administrator deleted that user’s account then there is no way to restore those files at all.
  3. You are limited byt he 55 days period to restore the files from the trash. 30 days for a user and 25 more for the administrator.
  4. Not all the data may be restored. The trash covers only the files from Google Drive and Gmail. But, let’s say, the Google Calendar dates, Contacts or Hangouts messages are deleted instantly and forever.

So if you want to be able to restore your files and all other Google features for a longer period then you should consider some third-party backup applications, such as UpSafe GoogleApps backup, for example.