4 tips for migrating from GoogleDrive to Office365

tips-for migrating-from-GoogleDrive-to-Office365

Microsoft is not designed for working with many nice features developed by GoogleApps. So it is not as easy to migrate all your data from Google Apps to Office365 as it may seem in the first sight. When you migrate your GApps to Office365 make sure you don’t forget these tips.

  1. Labels and folders

There are Labels instead of Folders in Google Email. Office 365 has no idea what Labels are so when you shift your data and you do not want to lose it, you have to find some way around to migrate this information.

  1. You can duplicate the file names in Google Drive

GoogleDrive allows you to create 2 different files with the same name in one folder. Bt you cannot do likewise in OneDrive for Business.

  1. GoogleDoc format vs Office format.

In the Google Drive the most popular apps are Google Docs, Google Presentations and Google Sheets. But the format of these files differs from the one with Office. Make sure you find a way around for these documents, too.

  1. Path Length

OneDrive for Business limits your path length. Google Drive does not. The worst thing that may happen here is when you migrate a path of 1000 chars from Google to Office where you can only use 256 chars at the maximum.

The only thing in Google Apps supported by Microsoft is IMAP and it helps you to cope with your mailbox. But if you want to seamlessly migrate all your information you will need to look for the 3rd-party tools.