G suite backup / Office 365 backup and 3 more rules to make your mailbox secure

Whether you use G suite or Office 365 for your everyday work, your mailbox remains your main instrument. And that’s why it usually becomes the most desired target for all the hackers and other evil doers. Because if you can prevent a company’s mailbox from working even for a couple of hours, that company will lose lots of money.

See the email security lessons that every IT administrator should teach his users.

  1. Don’t react to the emails from people you don’t know.

The hacker can send an email to a person even if he doesn’t know his email address. How can that be?

For example, there is a person working in a company named Adam Smith, and his email address is a.smith@company.com. A hacker can send an email to that email address, and if Adam is not smart enough, he responds to that email, and thus a hacker understands that the email address is real. Once he gets the list of that company’s workers’ names, that company is doomed to receive emails with malicious content on a daily basis.

So that mailbox security rule number one is never to respond to search emails.

  1. Don’t open attachments without scanning them.

The easiest way for a hacker to infect your computer is to send you a file with a virus.

When you receive an email with an attachment, always scan it before opening it. The hackers know their ways of sending you an email so that it looks as if it came from a person you know.

  1. Scan the links in emails before clicking on them

It’s just the same thing as with the attachments. There are ways to make infected links look as normal ones.

Before you open any link point the cursor of your mouse on it and check whether in leads where it claims to lead.

  1. Always back up your mailbox.

Even if you strictly follow all the rules mentioned above there always remains a chance for a hacker to slip in because of the human factor. There is no way that would 100% guarantee your mailbox safety, but there is a way to make sure that you will always have access to your data. If you backup your mailbox to another cloud, you will always have a reserved copy at hand. And even if the hackers get into your mailbox and delete all the data that they can find there, you will still be able to restore them.

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