4 powerful Google Slides tips: shapes and lines


Google Presentations is a really great instrument. If you got used to on-premises MS Powerpoint it may be a little bit confusing for you to use GSlides at the beginning. But as soon as you learn to use the new instrument you will love it!

Tip #1. Straight lines

In PowerPoint you could easily create straight 45-90-180 degree lines as the snap-to-grid option was predefined. Google Slides have a similar option, but you need to switch it on manually (View – Snap to grid).

Another way to achieve straight lines is to draw them holding the Shift button. Adobe Photoshop users can recognize this option. You can also draw perfect squares and circles in this manner.

Tip #2. Shapes

One more function that will be familiar to Photoshop users is distributing and aligning shapes horizontally or vertically. Just select the shapes you need, right click on them and choose in what way you would like to set them.

If you have created a shape with some specific settings like size and color fill and then decided to create another shape with all the same features you can simply copy-paste it and then go to Format -> Change shape.

If you want to make a button out of a shape and link it to some website just right-click on it and choose “Link”.

Tip #3. Restore Google Docs’ deleted presentations.

If you collaborate on one presentation together with some of your colleagues you’d better take precautions and backup Google Slides to be able to restore Google Docs if one of your collaborators deleted it. Remember that you only have 30 days to retrieve the files from the Google basket.