3 tips on how to effectively manage 100+ emails a day with Gmail


I receive tons of emails everyday. The average number makes up 100+ emails, so it is really important for me to keep my inbox in order. There is a big chance to lose conversations that are really important for you among all the subscriptions, invitations, notifications and other less important messages. Also if you run out of Google account free storage limit which is 15Gb you will also need to find a way to retrieve Gmail emails.

If you are as lucky as me to get so many emails on a daily basis, here are some tips for you on how to organize your inbox in the most efficient way and how to get your emails back once oyu lose them.

The things that matter to me most are the effective visualization of my inbox, prioritizing some emails above others and finding additional information about the person I am talking to.

  1. Mark the emails with labels and create smart filters.

Gmail labels are similar folders on your computer. If you receive emails within the sales or support group together with your other colleagues it can be really handy to put all the emails sent directly to you into a specific folder.

Moreover, you can create a filter that will put these emails to this folder automatically. To do this open the email that was sent to you, click on the arrow in the top right corner and select “Filter messages like this”.


In the pop-up window make sure that your email is set up in the “to” field.

Click “create filter with this search”. In the opened window select “Apply the label” and then choose the label you’ve just created.

Now all the emails sent directly to you will be piled in this folder.

  1. Set up the priority to emails marked with stars or “important” labels.
  2. Put unread emails forward and leave all the rest behind.

How to retrieve Gmail emails

If you are an active Gmail user and really receive hundreds of emails a day then you should know that Gmail gives you only 15Gb of storage for free. Once you reach this amount (and I am sure that you have exceeded this limit at least once) you will just stop receiving new emails. Your colleagues and partners will get angry because of your silence. So you’d better take precautions and find a way to retrieve Gmail beforehand.

There is a beautiful way to solve this issue. If you keep the reserve copy of your emails in another cloud you can simply delete them from your main account and go on using the service. You can perform cloud-to-cloud Gmail backup with Upsafe Google account backup tool and always have a chance to retrieve Gmail. You can back up 5Gb for free.