3 things to do right now to organise your Google Drive in the most efficient way


I have noticed that people who have a total mess on their work table tend to have the same disorder in their files and folders. But to put things in order can be much easier that it may seem at the first sight if you  know some useful hints about working with your Google Drive.

1. Set up a convenient structure for your Google folders

I know, it may become a nightmare to clean up all the mess that has been gathering in your GDrive for ages, but trust me, it is worth it.

If you have many files that you are almost sure you will never need again (some old college projects, for example) but you have no guts to simply throw them away, create a special folder for them and name it “Just in case” or something like that.

But as for the files you are still working with, you would need to sped an hour or the whole evening to sort them all out and create a logical folder structure for them.


2. Put the files shared with you in order

All the files that other people share with you usually end up in the appropriate folder. The more files they share with you the bigger is the mess in time.

Do the same thing that was described in the previous step with all the files that are shared with you. And from now and on set up a rule for yourself to immediately put a shared file to one of your own folders and not let them be piled up in one folder.


3. Colorize your life.

GoogleDrive has an absolutely adorable feature of colorizing files and folders which can make you life much brighter and easier.

The best way is to paint the folder and all the subfolders in it in the same colour, just like this: