3 things to care about in Google Apps before you go on vacation

Winter is ruling the world now and it may be so tiresome to go to work everyday when it is so dark and cold outside. So vacation may become a good adventure to raise your spirits. But before you leave you should take care of those who stay: your colleagues, your clients and your cloud data safety. You should let these people know that you are out of office and auto backup Google Drive for your corporate account.

Create out-of-office calendar to let your colleagues know who is absent

If there are many people in your organization it may be a handy thing to have a corporate calendar where everyone’s vacation will be displayed.

Open your corporate Google Calendar. On the left pane click My calendars – Create new calendar.


When you create new calendar give it a name “Out of office” or something like that.

Then set up sharing options. Make sure that you let everyone in your organization view this calendar. Then click “Create calendar”.


Now everyone in your company will have access to this calendar and people will be able to set up their leaving days.

Set up autoresponder to let your clients know that you are out

The vacation autoresponder can be a really handy thing when you are out. you can let your clients know that you are out and not offend them with your long silence. To set it up open your Gmail, click on the gear icon and select settings.

At the General tab scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will find the vacation autoresponder settings there.  It would be nice of you to mention in your autoresponder the day when you will be back and to say your apologies. Also it would be nice if you give the recipient direction where he can forward his email to until you’re back to get a faster response. I usually say the following:

I’m out of office with limited access to my email until the 10th of January. Please forward your messages to info@upsafe.com.


Don’t forget to save the changes.

Auto backup Google Drive

I think the best feature about Google Apps is that collaboration option. You can share your files and documents with your colleagues and work together on the same project. But if you give them full access to your data this can become a huge security breach. They can edit or even delete the files that they have access to and you will only have 30 days to restore them from trash.  to enhance your corporate Google Apps security you should auto backup Google Drive and Gmail.

Upsafe is a smart app to do this.  Just sign up for Upsafe Google Apps backup to use your corporate account and enjoy the enhanced security of your online documents.