3 security tips for a Google Apps administrator to enhance your Google security

If you are an administrator in your organization and you have chosen Google Apps as your cloud platform there, you should pay specific attention to security. See the list of security areas below and find out whether you keep your cloud data the way it should be kept.

Super Admins

How many super admins do you have in your organization? This question should be your #1 priority. Super admins are people with super rights, they have access to all your company’s cloud data, they are the ones to control all your internal information which can lower your Google security.

  • With super admins less is always better. Cut down the number of super admins, but never make it less than two. If a super admin leaves your company or there is an emergency, your data may be at risk.
  • Regularly review all your admins’ access rights. Do this at least once in 3 months.
  • Make your super admins set up multi-factor authentication.

Publicly shared documents

One of the features we love Google Apps for is collaboration. You can share your files with anyone and work together over one project.

Being an admin you should constantly monitor which of the files your users share and who they share them with. Giving access to the outsiders can increase your risks.

To prevent your users from sharing their documents with outsiders you can configure the default settings and allow them only to share the files within your corporate domain.

Regularly backup your Google Apps

Whichever precautions you take you still cannot be 100% sure of your Google apps safety. To be always able to recover your data with minimum costs you should perform regular cloud-to-cloud backup with applications like Upsafe Google Apps backup tool.