2 useful add-ons that will increase your productivity in Google Sheets


We have already discussed some useful add-ons that can increase your productivity in Google Docs in one of the previous articles. Today I am going to show you some more magic regarding Google Sheets and also say how these add-ons can compromise your Google Doc security.

Data everywhere for synchronization

Data everywhere is a plug-in specifically designed for such users that want to go on working with Excel on-premises and have their files linked to the company’s Google Drive account. This application has many more functions. You can sync it with Salesforce and different databases. But for us it is valuable for Excel-GSheets synchronization option.

You can work with tables on your local computer or edit the document online. All the changes will be synced instantaneously.


Find and remove duplicates

If you constantly work with large Google spreadsheets with lots of data units the duplicates must be your real headache. Remove duplicates plug-in will help you to clean up the mess.

You can find the duplicated items in one or several columns or you can find the unique cells. The plug-in also allows you to compare two different tables. You can erase all the duplicates with one simple click.


Google Doc security

When you implement any plugins to your Google Sheets account you allow them to view your email address, your online spreadsheets in Google Drive and apply many other actions that can compromise your Google Doc security. You can protect your data from external threats if you backup Google Sheets with applications like Upsafe.