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Multi-users and multi-account backup. Manage all your Google Apps and O365 features with a unique solution.

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Select Amazon S3 or Azure storage, yours one or ours. Its your choice.

All-in-one solution

One solution to rule them all!

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Upsafe Personal multi-account backup management

You have various and separate O365, outlook or Gmail account?

Upsafe Multi-account backup is for you!

Upsafe Multi-account backup is a all-in-one solution for both O365 & Google Suite features. Start your free trial, select your storage and backup your Office Onedrive, Drive, Outlook, Gmail, contacts and more with a unique solution, easy-to-set, easy-to-use. In a few clicks you can protect and manage the backup of all your family applications in one place. With your important data safely stored on the cloud.

  • Backup various Google accounts from separate domain or users.
  • Backup various O365 accounts from separate domain or users.
  • Select our Amazone S3 storage
  • Select your Amazone S3 storage account
  • Select your Azure storage account

Please contact us at info@upsafe.com for pricing, or start your 15 day trial fo free!

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